Anywhere near Ortona

The Country House Marina is located at 5 km from Ortona.

Ortona is very hold and fascinated town near the sea with one of the most important seaport of Adriatic Sea.

The Town was born on an hill, with wonderfull tracks, the most important is called “Oriental Promenade”, because it is situated near the harbour.

We suggest to visit the Palazzo Farnese with his museum, The Picture Gallery Cascella, the San Tommaso Cathedral, The Corvo’s Building, and the Vittoria Theatre.

Not a few km from the Town, you will find the “trabocchi”, little wood houses.

This little house are fishermans refuge, there are many on the Adriatic’s coast.

In the hinterland you can visit the village Crecchio with his Castleand the museum of Byzantine art.

Not at 15 km from Ortona, you can visit Pescara, one of the most important city in Abruzzo.

The Poet Gabriele D’annunzio was born in Pescara; this city is rich of art and culture but have also a lot of entertaiments

Near the Country House you can also visit:

, a little village note for his church and for his Miracle, and the little village of Guardiagrele his knows for wrought iron.

We invite to visit the beautiful and wonderful Parco Nazionale della Majella.

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